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South African Traditional Karate Federation


nishiyama sensei   nish camp 2007 Continueing the legacy of
Master Hidetaka Nishiyama 10th Dan
Founder Traditional Karate Federation
founder 1980

An application was sent to become a member of Master Hidetaka Nishiyama 9th Dan then chairman and founder of  Traditional Karate Federations worldwide.Master Nishiyama then informed that South African Traditional Karate Federation (SATKF) be formed to become part of the International body. In 2006 SATKF was accepted at the world congress by Master Nishiyama with Sensei Chris Mance as President. In 2007 SATKF representatives Sensei's Chris Mance 6th Dan SATKF President, Kevin Mills 4th Dan and Alta Mance 4th Dan traveled to Mater Nishiyamas camp for the 40 hour camp held ove 6 days in San Diego California , USA (this camp was held since 1980)

camp usa 2007


WTKF headquarters

After the passing away of Master Nishiyama a new Traditional Karate Federations World committee was formed WTKF (World Traditional Karate-do Federation) based on Poland. Here at the Headquarter Martial arts centre the tradition of Master Hidetaka Nishiyama is continued with training camps and World championships held every two years. Members of WTKF train and gain knowledge on technical aspects, principles, science of human movement and scientific approach to karate-do as taught by Master Nishiyama and other Masters at Traditional Karate at National and International seminars as well as  annual camps to share with its members. All the national federations are made up of  ESO (eligable style organisations)  that are part of  WTKF participate with other Traditional Karate Federations and Organizations at National and International  levels. WTKF and its federations strive to gain Budo "Japanese Martial Arts" knowledge of strategy and tactics as passed on by Japanese and Okinawa Masters over the centuries.

WTKF Camp 2018 camp 2018-2


South African Traditional Karate Federation


hSATKF sharing knowledge (1) Training camps (2) SATKF headquarters, (3) SATKF Dan grading
SATKF senior instructors, under the SATKF head national coach Sensei Chris Mance 8th Dan

hSATKF brings a WTKF senior instructor to South Africa to instruct and be on the grading panel for higher Dan grades

hSATKF members train and gain knowledge on technical aspects, principles, science of human movement and                            scientific approach to karate-do.


SATKF (South African Traditional Karate Federation) is comprised of styles and organizations.
ESO(1) (eligible style organizations) on a national level.
(1) ESO Definitition, Are styles, systems, associations and organizations with a direct Traditional Karate linage to Japan                               or Okinawa that produced Shotokan – Wado-Ryu – Goju- Ryu - Shito-Ryu

hMembership of SATKF can done by dojos or national style organization ESO

hSATKF does not interfere in the running of member ESO at all

hSATKF Membership to SATKF a annual fee.

hSATKF strive to gain Budo "Japanese Martial Arts" knowledge of strategy and tactics as passed on by Japanese                                   and Okinawa Masters over the past 300 years

MEMBERS RANKING AND OTHER QUALIFICATIONS                                                                                            hSATKF is granted the right to receive Traditional Karate-do ranking and other qualifications which are recognized                    domestically and internationally. Aurthorised by Hidetaka Nishiyama 2007

certificate to receive ranking

SATKF follows Master Nishiyama philosophy that, Karate is a gentleman art form                 with dignity as taught by his teachers

WTKF world championship 2016               WTKF world championship 2016

            SATKF team at WTKF world championship 2016                                   SATKF team at WTKF world championship 2016